Practice Areas

Real Estate
    We have been closing home purchases and refinances for over 35 years, and have completed over 3,000 real estate closings.  We handle closings in Gaston, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba, Cleveland, and the surrounding counties- and now surrounding counties such as York in South Carolina, too!  We handle both residential and commercial sales and refinances-- ranging from vacant residential lots to multi-million dollar commercial complexes.  
     We prepare deeds, easements, rights of way, offers to purchase and contract, promissory notes, deeds of trust, and all other required documents.  We work with all lenders, including VA/FHA/USDA loans as well as conventional, and are also experienced with seller-financed closings.  Our attorneys are approved by Chicago Title, Investors, Stewart, Fidelity, Commonwealth, and many other title insurance companies.  
      Please give us a call with any questions, and we would be glad to discuss our fees.  We want to handle your next closing!

Elder Law- Wills, Trusts, & Powers of Attorney
       Proper estate planning is important to protect your assets and maximize your estate for the benefit of your family.  Did you know that if you do not have a Will, that the State decides what happens to your property when you pass away?  Often times this can lead to unintended consequences.  
      Our attorneys are experienced with preparing Wills, Trusts, Business Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and other documents necessary for estate planning.  Our strength is in listening to the needs of our clients and drafting appropriate documents tailored to their individual interests, needs, and goals.  Since we also practice probate estates, we know how to properly plan in order to minimize hassle, confusion, and expense for your family when the time comes.  
       Please call us with any questions, and we would be glad to make you an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss your estate planning needs.

Probate Estates
       For many families, administering an estate when a loved one dies can be confusing and burdensome.  Our caring attorneys and paralegals are experienced with handling probate estates, including finding and safeguarding assets, preparing required filings, overseeing distributions, dealing with banks, and transferring titles with the DMV.  We work with executors and beneficiaries every step of the way to be sure that the estate is handled properly and in a timely manner.  
      If your spouse, parent, or other family member or friend has passed away, please give us a call to make an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss your next steps.  

Divorces/Separation Agreements/Pre-nuptial Agreements
      Separating from your spouse or divorcing is a stressful time.  Our attorneys are experienced in drafting separation agreements, obtaining absolute divorces, and drafting Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and will work to try to make the process run as smoothly and quickly as we can.
     We also prepare pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements, which are especially useful to the young professional or when planning a second marriage.  These agreements are not solely for the purpose of agreeing on arrangements in the event of divorce.  They are also useful for agreeing with your future spouse on how to hold property during the marriage and agreeing with your future spouse on rights to each other's estate in the event of death.  Without such an agreement, the rights of you and your spouse in each other's property is dictated by the State, which can lead to less than ideal consequences.  
     Please note that our firm can only represent one spouse in these matters.  Although not required, we recommend that the other spouse seek separate legal representation.

      Getting a traffic ticket is a bad feeling, and leads to questions: Do I have to take off work and go to court?  How will this affect my insurance?  Should I just pay the fine?  In most cases, our attorneys can help you by going to court for you so that you don't have to miss work.  We can also help you navigate the system to minimize your future insurance premiums and protect your license to drive.

Business Law
       The small business owner works hard to keep a business running.  Our attorneys can help with the legal aspects of starting up, running, selling, or winding up a business.  We are experienced with incorporating, setting up the minute book, drafting minutes, resolutions, bylaws, or operating agreements, drafting commercial leases, closing stock purchase or asset purchase transactions, and drafting and filing security agreements.  Our attorneys can help you decide what entity-- corporation, LLC, or partnership-- is right for your business.  While we do not offer tax advice, we would be happy to work with your CPA or accountant to make sure your incorporation or transactions are handled properly to meet the needs of your business.  We are also experienced with incorporating non-profit corporations.